No visitors are permitted at RVH.  Click here for COVID-19 information.

RVH is focused on delivering high-quality, safe care that puts patients and their families first. Patients are at the centre of everything we do at RVH and our MY CARE philosophy puts patients and their families first. Always. Everyday. Without exception. 


This measure is being implemented in alignment with the province-wide lockdown and to keep our patients, staff and physicians safe.


Due to the evolving nature of COVID-19 and variants of concern, along with the recently announced provincial lockdown, RVH is restricting all visitors to the health centre effective Saturday, April 3. Any visits booked after April 2 will be cancelled and those visitors notified. This measure is being implemented to keep our patients, staff and physicians safe.


Inpatient units

  • No visitors permitted

Pediatrics/Neonatal Intensive Care unit

  •  One adult at a time for a child under age of 18

Birthing Unit/Obstetrics

  • One support person only with labouring mother and while in Obstetric unit or the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Special circumstances

  • On compassionate grounds as determined by the care team

Emergency Department

  • No visitors permitted unless deemed essential by care team, or if accompanying a minor

Note: Ambulatory patients coming to RVH for an outpatient procedure or clinic visit will be allowed one support person only in circumstances where assistance is needed. That support person must be identified at the time of the appointment/treatment is booked.


Anyone exhibiting the following signs or symptoms will not be permitted inside the health centre:

  • Fever, cough, difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, sore throat, runny nose, loss of taste or smell, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.
  • Anyone who is known or suspected COVID-19 positive and has not been cleared by Public Health.
  • Anyone who is a contact of a known COVID-19 positive individual.
  • Has travelled in the past 14 days outside of Canada.

 *Subject to change without notice, some exceptions apply.

Helping you during your visit

Note: Information desks are not currently operating.

Information desks are located at the Main, Atrium and Simcoe entrances. RVH volunteers are available at Information Desks to assist patients and visitors by providing directions or helping to locate patients.

Information Desk Volunteer Hours:

Hours are subject to change based on volunteer availability

Information Desk Locations

  • Main entrance – Level 2
  • Atrium entrance – Level 2
  • Cancer program – Level 2
  • Simcoe entrance – Level 1

RVH offers assistive equipment to accommodate our patients and visitors with reduced mobility. Please ask a volunteer at any information desk for assistance. They can help by providing you with:

Staxi chairs are available at the Main, Atrium and Simcoe (level 1) entrances.

The chair features a fail-safe braking system – the chair will only move when the brake is engaged by the person pushing the chair from behind. The patient can easily enter from the side and the height of the back of the chair is designed to afford the person pushing a comfortable position to engage the chair, reducing stress on their back.


Traditional wheelchairs are available at Information desks at the Main, Atrium and Simcoe (level 1) entrances for patients who require leg extensions, oxygen tank holders, IV pumps or the ability to navigate in the chairs by themselves.

Finding your way around RVH

Coming to RVH as a patient

Visiting RVH

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