Patients are at the centre of everything we do at RVH and our MY CARE philosophy puts patients and their families first. Always. Everyday. Without exception.

To help achieve this goal:

Every employee, physician and volunteer you encounter will introduce themselves by name and tell you about their experience, what they will be doing for your care and how long it will take.

At the end of a shift your care team may gather at your bedside to discuss important information about your treatment, medication and condition. You and your family members can be involved in this conversation at whatever level you choose.

Large whiteboards in every patient room display information about your care, such as your estimated date for discharge, pain management plans, upcoming tests or procedures, as well as your first name. This way you, your family, and the team members involved in your care, have access to this important information. You can ask that this information not be displayed on the whiteboard if you prefer.

Nurses will also check in on you regularly to ask some key questions and see if there is anything you need. You can also expect to meet the unit manager during your stay. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, share compliments or discuss concerns directly with your unit’s leader. RVH’s senior leaders may also visit you, asking for feedback on the care you are receiving. This information is shared with the teams to help us continually improve the care we provide.

We are committed to ensuring you have the best possible experience while in our care and are informed and engaged in planning and decision-making.

We encourage you to ask questions of your care team to ensure you understand:

  • Your treatment
  • Your progress
  • How long you will stay at RVH
  • What kind of help you will need to return home

When it is time to go home, don’t be afraid to ask questions related to:

  • Whether you will need a prescription filled
  • What symptoms to watch for
  • Who to call if something does not feel right
  • What medications you must take, how and when to take them, and what are some of the possible side effects
  • What foods you should eat and not eat
  • When you can return to your normal activities (work, school, exercise, driving)
  • The names and numbers of appropriate community services
  • What follow-up appointments you will need and who will make them

These discussions are important, regardless of your age.

Talking about these issues will help you and your caregivers plan for the future:

  • Discuss your wishes around medical treatment should your health situation change
  • Complete Power of Attorney (POA) papers and advanced care directives and show your caregivers where these are located
  • Discuss where you would like to live should your needs change

Patient and Family Experience Office

RVH is committed to ensuring every patient experience is as positive as possible. Our vision is Make each life better. Together. Our staff, physicians, volunteers and Board of Directors embrace that goal and are committed to putting our patients and families first – always.

We welcome your feedback and look forward to any opportunity that allows us to improve our patient care. It is only when we view the care we provide through the eyes of our patients and their families that we will be able to continue to improve on the inspiring care we strive to deliver.

The Patient and Family Experience Office is ready to assist you during your experience at RVH with any questions or concerns you have, as well as share any compliments that you may have for Team RVH.

Do you have a concern?

As a first step, we encourage you to speak directly with your care provider, resource nurse or department manager to allow them the opportunity to work with you to resolve your concerns.

If required, the Patient and Family Experience Office will work with you to facilitate your concerns and assist in a resolution.

What can the Patient and Family Experience Office do for you:

• Have general inquires
• Would like information related to RVH
• Wish to share patient experience feedback
• Have questions related to your care
• Wish to share a compliment with your care team
• Have a safety concern

How can the Patient and Family Experience Office help?

• Provide a safe, supportive environment
• Listen and support you through your experience
• Provide answers to your concerns
• Provide assistance to achieve a resolution
• Ensure your feedback is shared with your care team and RVH leaders
• If possible, take action on any of your suggestions to improve the services and processes at RVH

Contact Us

Phone: (705) 728-9090 ext. 44510
Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 8a.m. – 4 p.m.
(Excluding Statutory Holidays)

Brochures and Resources

Patient Rights and Responsibilities
Substitute Decision Maker.pdf
Patient and Family Experience Office Process

Useful Links

Advocacy Centre for the Elderly
Public Guardian Trustee Office
Ontario Patient Ombudsman Office
Power of Attorney Kit – Ministry of the Attorney General

Step 1
Once the Patient and Family Experience Office receives your feedback in person, in writing, or by telephone, we will connect with you to ensure we understand all of the details.
Compliments will be forwarded to the appropriate medical staff and RVH leadership.

If a concern/inquiry is related to a specific patient experience that requires a review, we must speak with the patient directly (or their Substitute Decision Maker/Power of Attorney, if incapable) to obtain their consent to access the patient’s information.

Step 2
We begin the review by communicating with the appropriate staff, physicians and leaders, as well as reviewing your patient record to better understand the background. The timeline for this step varies depending on the nature of the concern/inquiry.

Step 3
We identify the issues and work with you and/or those involved in your experience to identify the best solution, receive answers to your questions, and determine how we can improve in the delivery of service and care in the future.

What comes from our discussions with you?
The feedback you share does not simply get “filed away” – we work with RVH leaders, staff and physicians in order to improve our patients’ experience. All of our patient feedback is documented and reported to senior management to help guide decision making at RVH.