Effective April 23, 2024
Masks are optional at RVH. When masks are required, signage will indicate and / or your care team will advise.

Chief of Staff and MAC Chair 
Dr. Jeff Tyberg

Deputy Chief of Staff
Dr. Ihab Louis

Anesthesia and Pain Medicine – Dr. Ihab Louis

Critical Care – Dr. Chris Martin

Emergency Medicine – Dr. Chris Zanette

Family Medicine – Dr. Devon Turner

Medical Imaging – Dr. Robert Mason (Interim)

Medicine – Dr. Derek Benjamin

Obstetrics – Dr. Vincent Wu (Interim)

Oncology – Dr. Matthew Follwell

Paediatrics – Dr. Leah Bartlett

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine – Dr. Niki MacNeill

Psychiatry – Dr. Rosemary Chackery

Surgery Chief – Dr. Colin Ward

Deputy Chief of Surgery – Dr. Renee Hanrahan

Advanced Cardiac Care / Catheterization Services – Dr. Ahmed Abdulhamayel

Cancer – Dr. Christiaan Stevens

Cardiovascular – Dr. Stephen Pizzale

Critical Care – Dr. Chris Martin

Emergency – Dr. Kathryn Armstrong

Geriatrics – Dr. Jawid Darvesh

Imaging – Dr. Raj Grover

IPAC – Dr. Amir Khosrovaneh

Laboratory Dr. Russ Price

Obstetrics – Dr. Vincent Wu

Paediatrics & NICU – Dr. Leah Bartlett

Medicine – Dr. Mike Lee

Mental Health & Addictions – Dr. Craig Livermore

Nephrology – Dr. Murali Krishnan

Surgery – Dr. John Rissanen

Trauma – Dr. Peter Dauphinee & Dr. Chris Martin

President –  Dr. Jay Nadarajah

Vice-President – Dr. Babak Maghdoori

Secretary – Dr. Sarah Rask

Treasurer – Dr. Michelle Onlock

Past President – Dr. Raj Grover

Chief Medical Quality Officer – Dr. Ihab Louis

Chief Medical Information Officer – Dr. George Karasmanis

Chief Research Scientist – Dr. Giulio DiDiodato

Chief Medical Innovation & Transformation Officer – Dr. John Rissanen

Education, Medical Director – Dr. Chris Martin

Medical Immersion Education Lead – Dr. Matthew Moss

Academic Chief – Dr. Stu Murdoch

Medical Director – Dr. Christine Stewart

Cardiology – Dr. Steve Pizzale

Gastroenterology – Dr. Rima Petroniene

Hospitalists – Dr. Kevin Ali

Internal Medicine – Dr. Rishi Parihar

Nephrology – Dr. Derek Benjamin

Respirology – Dr. Adarsh Tailor


RVH/Simcoe Stroke Program Medical Lead – Dr. Alex Jahangirvand

Regional Medical Director, Central East Stroke Network – Dr. Alyssa Fiddler


Dental Surgery – Dr. Mohammad Mokhtari

General Surgery – Dr. Cindy Sklar

Ophthalmology – Dr. Steve Emon

Orthopaedic Surgery – Dr. John O’Sullivan

Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery – Dr. Rob Hekkenberg

Plastic Surgery – Dr. Agnes Hassa

Surgical Assist – Dr. Bill Chen

Urology – Dr. Andrew Ray

Vascular Surgery – Dr. Joel Cooper

Gynecologic Oncology – Dr. Laura White

Hematology – Dr. Lauren Gerard

Medical Oncology – Dr. Sara Rask

Radiation Oncology – Dr. Christiaan Stevens

Head Medical Oncology – Vacant

Regional Breast Cancer Imaging Lead – Dr. Scott Good

Regional Cancer Imaging – Dr. Rachel Tenenbein

Regional Colorectal Screening GI – Dr. Kyle Fortinsky

Regional Colposcopy Cervical Lead – Dr. Laura White

Regional Indigenous Lead – Dr. Danusia Gzik

Regional Palliative Care Lead – Dr. Jacky Lai

Regional Pathology Lead – Dr. Russell Price

Regional Primary Care Lead – Dr. Danusia Gzik

(Cancer Screening & Cancer Care)

Regional Radiation Lead – Dr. Christiaan Stevens

Regional Surgical Oncology Lead – Dr. Renee Hanrahan

Regional Systemic Treatment Quality Lead – Dr. Jason Yu