Effective April 23, 2024
Masks are optional at RVH. When masks are required, signage will indicate and / or your care team will advise.

All applications are to be made via our Career Opportunities website. RVH Does not accept paper copy resumes.

For questions or technical support please contact the HR Support Centre Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Phone: 1-888-694-7784

Email: RVHHRSupport.Centre@telus.com

What happens after I submit my resume?

While the recruitment and selection process can differ from role to role and based on the needs of the hiring department, we do our best to adhere to the following process for all candidates that apply to RVH.

Once you’ve completed your application your resume will be screened by the hiring leader for the role you applied to.

If the leader believes you are a strong candidate for the role, they may conduct a phone call with you to review your qualifications before inviting you for an interview.

During the first interview, referred to as the Hiring Leader Interview, you will meet with the hiring leader and/or any other supervisors or leaders you may interact within the role should you be successful.

If you were successful in the hiring leader interview, you may be invited back for a second interview called the “Peer Interview”, as the name suggests this is an interview with people who would be your peers if you are successful for the role. Because of COVID-19 and physical distancing concerns, this step in the process is not mandatory for all hires at this time.

After the interview(s) if you are selected as the successful candidate for the role, the hiring leader will reach out to you to make a verbal offer of employment. If you accept, you will then begin the onboarding process.


Depending on the role, applicants may undergo an assessment of their skills or knowledge in a specific area and it includes their ability to acquire further knowledge if required to do so. These are conducted electronically or on paper. More specific technical assessments can also measure an applicant’s skills within a given function.


As an equal opportunity employer, RVH is dedicated to a fair and equitable hiring process. After the closing date, the applications are reviewed and the most qualified applicants will be invited for an interview. There are two types of interviews at RVH:

Behavioural Interviews

All interviews completed at RVH use behavioural style questions. These types of questions look for specific examples of situations you have experience in the past and how you responded to them and what behaviours you exhibited.

Peer Interview

Many of the positions offered at RVH typically includes a peer interview during the hiring process. This is an opportunity for the applicants to meet with a group of peers from the health centre to discuss both skills and previous work experience relating to the desired role.

Accessible Workplace

RVH is an equal-opportunity employer committed to being an accessible workplace that includes preventing, identifying and removing barriers that impede an individual’s ability to work here. Requests for accommodation can be made at any stage of the recruitment process by contact the Human Resources department at 705-728-9802, extension 42325.