Working at RVH means joining a patient-centred team that has an unwavering commitment to safety and quality, with an eye to advancing innovation. RVH will foster and invest in a supportive environment, igniting higher levels of engagement, pride and performance in our skilled and dedicated Team RVH. We will make RVH the best place to work, practice, volunteer, and learn.

Consistent with our values, we will strive to ensure that your CARE at work is the best, safest and centred on you, providing you the opportunity to be engaged in the service you deliver. We will provide you the opportunity to THINK BIG and exceed your expectations and those whom you serve. RESPECT is at the core of our belief system and we expect this of all of our colleagues – each and every day. Together, we will OWN our decisions and behaviours so that everyone can be successful. We WORK TOGETHER, meaning that we will assist each other to be successful in the provision of exceptional and compassionate service. Always. Everyday. And without exception.

Recognizing Team RVH’s Excellence

Our award-winning workplace believes in recognizing our staff on their accomplishments and offering opportunities for growth and development.  We are proud to receive awards and recognition, they recognize the high-quality care we give our patients and families.  Our exceptional team THINK BIG for our patients and the communities we serve.