The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has posted wait time information representing the most accurate and up-to-date wait time data available for five specific services that are the focus of the province’s Wait Time Strategy – cancer surgery, cardiac (heart) procedures, cataract surgery, hip and knee replacement, as well as MRI and CT scans. This information is updated every two months.

Wait times are influenced by a variety of factors, including the availability of health professionals, demand for services, the age and relative health of a community, complexity of the procedure, and of course, the funding available.

It’s important to note that the Ministry of Health information released is a snapshot in time – typically a month at a time. It also measures only the length of time between when the procedure is actually booked, to when the patient undergoes the procedure. The delay in getting an appointment with a specialist is not considered.

RVH welcomes the public release of hospital-specific wait-time data, which will allow people to make informed choices about their healthcare. The information will also give hospitals and the government a fact-and-evidence basis from which we can standardize best practices and target future funding to improve patient access. This fiscal year RVH has received over $3 million in funding, allowing us to double the number of wait time-specific procedures.

Wait times at RVH

Below is a list of wait times at RVH for Hip & Knee Replacements, Cataract Surgery, MRI & CT Scans, Gastrointestinal Cancer Surgery, Breast Cancer Surgery and Gynaecological Cancer Surgeries. Every effort has been made to ensure the RVH wait time data is accurate, but please keep in mind the information shown is for the month prior and should only be used as a guideline in determining RVH wait times.

To compare RVH wait times to other hospitals in Ontario, view the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care website.

How wait time is measured

Ontario measures the wait time from when a patient and surgeon decide to proceed with surgery or exam, until when the actual procedure is completed.

Wait times: the point at which the majority (90%) of patients have completed surgery or have had their exam.

December 2022

ProcedureWait Time
​Hip Replacement 396 days
Knee Replacement370 days
Cataract535 days
​Breast Cancer Surgeries26 days
Gynaecological Cancer Surgeries27 days
​MRI282 days
CT Scan332 days