Effective July 16, patients admitted to RVH will be allowed one visitor, seven days a week, for one hour, during specific pre-booked times. Click here for COVID-19 Information.

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RVH has begun a safe, gradual resumption of non-urgent surgeries and procedures, as new COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and ICU admissions continue a steady downward trend across Ontario.

The provincial government recently rescinded its directive, issued in mid-April at the height of the pandemic’s third wave, which required Ontario hospitals to pause non-emergency surgeries and procedures as a way to preserve bed capacity and allow the redeployment of healthcare workers.

RVH’s initial focus during the ramp-up will be on resuming non-urgent day surgeries and procedures that don’t require an inpatient bed for recovery. This is to ensure the health centre can continue to respond to a potential increase in COVID patients, as well as meet the needs of those COVID patients who remain in hospital. Physicians and surgeons’ offices have begun contacting patients whose procedures were delayed to advise them of new surgery dates.

The ramp-up will be gradual and cautious, with RVH planning to have up to nine of its 11 operating rooms operational over the summer, in alignment with the provincial recovery plan.