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​Patient Information


Patient Registration is the gateway to an RVH outpatient or inpatient stay and is an important first step to ensure you receive excellent care. Key functions at registration include getting accurate patient information identification such as personal health information, infection control screening, and processing physician orders for x-rays and labs. Information collected at registration is reproduced on charts/armbands, in your electronic medical record and a variety of other systems to allow accurate information sharing across the organization.


What to Expect When Registering

A registration clerk will ask you for your name, address, telephone numbers, next of kin, family doctor's name and OHIP card or other insurance coverage.

You may be given an arm band to wear with your identification details. Depending on the type of visit, you may also be given forms to fill out. Once registered, we will provide you with directions to the elevators or coloured line (on the floor) to follow to your destination.

To ensure we meet your needs, specialty services like language services and spiritual care are available upon request.

Registration Locations:

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​Central Registration

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  • Go to Central Registration to register for:
    Surgery Registration / Admission
  • Surgery Treatment Clinic(formerly Ambulatory Care)
  • Pre-Surgery Treatment Clinic
  • Fracture and MSK Clinics

• Treatment Clinics: Click here to view a list 

705-728-9090 Ext. 46501



From RVH Main Entrance:
Central Registration is located on Level 2. From the Main Entrance follow the Blue Navigation Line to Central Registration located across from Victoria's Gift Shop.

From Atrium Entrance:
Central Registration is located across from Victoria's Gift Shop.

From Simcoe Entrance:

Follow the Blue Navigation Line to the Atrium (Orange) Elevators.  Take elevator to Level 2.  Turn left off elevator.  Central Registration is located across from Victoria's Gift Shop.   

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 6 a.m.- 3 p.m.

IMG_0637 web.jpg​ Simcoe Registration              
Self Check In

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Go to Simcoe Registration to register for:


705-728-9090 Ext. 43398               

From Level 1 (Simcoe) entrance
Continue straight through the Level 1 entrance.  You will see the self-serve registration kiosks in the entrance lobby.  A Registration Clerk is available to provide assistance.     

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 7 a.m.- 4 p.m.

surgery treatment registration web.jpg​Surgery Treatment Clinics and
Pre-Surgery Registration

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Go to Surgery Treatment Clinics and
Pre-Surgery Registration to register for:

  Surgery Treatment Clinic (formerly Ambulatory Care)
  Outpatient Lab (Specimen Collection)
  Pre-Surgery Clinic (formerly Pre-Admission Clinic)               

View Pre-Surgery instructions


 705-728-9090 Ext. 46740


From RVH Main Entrance:
Follow the Blue Navigation Line to the Atrium (Orange) Elevators. Take the elevator to Level 1 and turn left to proceed to Surgery Treatment Clinic and Pre - Surgery Registration. 

From Atrium Entrance:
Take the Atrium (Orange) Elevator to Level 1. Turn left out of the elevator to proceed to the Surgery Treatment Clinic and Pre - Surgery Registration.

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.


Information for all Patient Registrations

What to Bring

Please bring your OHIP card to every appointment at RVH. It will be validated each visit with the Ministry of Health. If you have a temporary version code while waiting for your new card, please bring that too.
If you are going to be admitted post surgery as an inpatient you will be asked if you have insurance that covers you for a Private or Semi-private room. Please bring your insurance card and check to see what coverage you are eligible for prior to registration. Every plan is different and we do not contact your insurance company at registration.

DND employees please bring your Blue Cross Health Card.
British High Commission- please bring your BHC identification with service number.
For those traveling from other Provinces, please bring your Health Card from where you reside.
If you are from out of Country, a responsibility to pay form may be filled out and you will need to pay for your visit with the Cashier’s Office, by credit card, debit or cash. You will be given a receipt for your records or to submit to your insurance company if applicable.
If you are an International student, please bring your student Guard Me card.
For patients recently immigrated to Canada, you will be asked to provide your Interim Federal Health Program certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to give you my health card and information every time, even if I go to the same clinic 3x per week?
Every single visit that is attended by you is an opportunity to ensure that your health card and personal data is up to date. This will enable a smooth process during your visit with the healthcare professional team, the timely reporting of your results to the referring/family physicians and  through the circle of care within the organization. It is then sent to the Ministry of Health for billing, which leads to successful funding of clinics and programs offered to you and your community.

What if my health card has expired or is lost / stolen?
We can call the Ministry of Health to see if you have valid coverage for the visit. If not, you will be asked to sign a responsibility to pay form. You will have 5 business days to get your new health card and call our Finance department. A bill will be sent to you if we do not receive an updated valid health number from you within the allotted time.

Why do you ask us questions about infection/allergies etc. then I am often asked again in the clinic?

Since we are your first contact, we are ensuring that the proper care is taken, not only for your health but for our other patients, staff and volunteers. Every opportunity is taken to stop the spread of infection and ensure your chart is flagged for allergies and potential risks for any of your visits.

Why do I need to tell you if I use tobacco?
As we are a smoke free facility (and grounds), we want to make sure that if you do smoke, we are aware for your care while in the facility. While an inpatient you may require assistance if unable to continue using tobacco while staying here. We also offer a smoking cessation program and information if a patient is interested.