RVH and the Central East Stroke Network (CESN) are releasing four videos during Stroke Month to highlight stroke patients and their journey to recovery.

The first video in the Power of Hope series features Ken McCaw, a musician who had a stroke when he was 47 and spent two and a half months rehabilitating in hospital.

Ken’s story is about his unwavering determination to adapt in order to continue to do what he loves – playing guitar.

The next three videos, released during the month of June feature:

Kari Smith – the importance of setting achievable goals and celebrating progress throughout recovery.

Denise (stroke survivor) and husband Dave Nielsen – highlighting the benefit of having a support system. 

Chris Munn (stroke survivor) and his wife Helen Doyle – about exploring new ways to engage in life and express yourself.

The RVH stroke program is home to the Enhanced District Stroke Centre which includes RVH clinical stroke services and regional planning responsibilities as part of the Central East Stroke Network. The team is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for those who are at risk for having a stroke and for those who require care and rehabilitation after a stroke. RVH was awarded Stroke Distinction in 2019– the highest award possible -from Accreditation Canada for its Acute and Rehab Stroke Program.