RVH supports professional staff observerships for educational purposes to encourage medical school prospects to have a full understanding of their potential career choice. Physicians are not required to have student observers, and it is completely optional for medical staff to have these types of learners.

Professional staff observerships (only physicians) are time-limited and will not exceed 14 calendar days per year. Students must also be at least 15 years of age and coordinate the observership with the physician they are hoping to shadow.

Students will be required to fill out all of the required paperwork (link below) for this opportunity once dates and times have been confirmed with the physician they will be observing.

Students must wear an observer badge while on site at all times. Observership badges will be provided by the Medical Education Assistant on the first day of an observership. A $25 deposit is required at the start of your observership, but $20 of that deposit will be returned at the conclusion of your observership.

A Message From Our Medical Trainees

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During my final year as a radiation oncology resident physician, I spent one month working with the cancer team at the Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Centre at RVH. The cancer program in Barrie has recently started treating lung tumours with stereotactic body radiotherapy, a form of image-guided treatment that precisely targets cancer with large doses of accurate radiation. This novel treatment has dramatically improved local tumour control for pulmonary tumours and metastases. I learned how to deliver this radiotherapy technique from my clinical supervisors and mentors, Drs. Frederick Yoon and Matthew Follwell, and I am proud to have been a part of this treatment program.”

Dr. Derek Tsang, PGY 5 Radiation Oncology

“The Barrie residency program at RVH has far exceeded my expectations of any family medicine residency program. The longitudinal design of the program provides training designed for a well-rounded family practitioner capable of working in any environment. This is achieved by our unique opportunity for follow-up with our patients. We are able to deliver our patient’s babies and admit our own patients to hospital. We follow these patients along until discharge and then follow up with them in the clinic. In my opinion, the three half days back each week is the only way to provide this kind of superior ongoing care for patients. This is not only satisfying on a personal level with patients, but is also ideal for training. We see all of the results from the investigations we order and then are able to come up with treatment plans afterwards.”

Dr. Jordan Shaw, PGY 2 Family Medicine

“The Barrie site is an amazing place to complete your residency training! Barrie is a very welcoming community with a small close knit group of residents. The Family Medicine Teaching Unit offers residents the unique experience of carrying their own patient load and really learning what it will be like to practice family medicine. The RVH is a state of the art community hospital where you work one on one with a wide variety of specialist physicians who are very interested in residency training. The family medicine supervisors are always accessible and extremely dedicated to making our two years in Barrie the best they can possibly be. I have been happy with my choice to come to Barrie everyday since starting here and can’t imagine ever leaving this amazing community.”

Dr. Leslie Morrison, PGY 2 Family Medicine