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Benign Hematology Clinic

The Benign Hematology clinic is a clinic where patients with blood disorders can be supported, followed and treated by a specialized team. The clinic will coordinate testing, care, and referrals needed to follow-up on the needs of the patients in the clinic.

What to expect

During your benign hematology clinic appointment, you will:
• Be seen by the clinic nurse
• Be assessed by the clinic doctor
• Be referred for tests and procedures to find out more information if needed
• Have an opportunity to have your questions answered


Benign Hematology Clinic Referral Form.pdf

Benign Hematology Clinic brochure.pdf


Phone: (705) 728-9090 x 23200
Fax: (705) 797-3098



201 Georgian Drive

Benign Hematology is located in  Rotary Place on level 2. The building is across from RVH's Main entrance.