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Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Program (SMRCP)



Navigating Your Cancer Journey

Navigating your Cancer Journey Class Slides


Navigating Your Cancer Journey Class Video

Two-Day Chemotherapy and Chemo Treatment Tour Video
Tips from Fellow Cancer Patients



Clinical Trials Permission to Contact

Quick Links

Need information and support living with cancer? Use the Cancer Care Services directory.              

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Systemic Therapy & Chemotherapy


Safety Information

Chemo Checklist - items to bring and how to prepare for your treatment visit

How to Protect Yourself and Your Family from Chemotherapy
Safety Information for Patients Receiving Chemotherapy at Home (Baby Bottle Chemo)


Symptom Management and Drug Info


Cancer Care Ontario Drug Information Sheets
Safe Use of Opioids Video

Intraperitoneal IP Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer Patients

Anti-Nausea Medication Guides

Supportive and Anti-Nausea Medication Guide for Chemo Patients

Anti-Nausea Medication Guide - Aprepitant with Dexamethasone (Day Before Chemo Start)
Anti-Nausea Medication Guide - Netupitant - Palonosetron
Anti-Nausea Medication Guide - Aprepitant (4 Day Regimen)
Anti-Nausea Medication Guide - Aprepitant (8 Day Regimen)
Anti-Nausea Medication Guide - Aprepitant with Palonosetron (4 Day Regimen)
Pre-Medication Guide for Patients with a reaction to Oxaliplatin

Oral Chemotherapy and Biotherapy

Patient Form and Tips for your Oral Chemo/Biotherapy
Oral Chemo/Biotherapy Patient Diary - Once a Day Treatment
Oral Chemo/Biotherapy Patient Diary - Twice a Day Treatment 


Immunotherapy Patient Fact Sheet
Osteonecrosis of the Jaw.pdf -information for patients on bone modifying therapy.


Radiation Therapy


General Information about Radiation

A Cancer Patient's Guide to Radiation Therapy

New Patient Radiation Class Slides


CT Simulation and Treatment Preparation for Pelvic Radiation

CT Simulation and Treatment Preparation for Stomach Cancer

CT Simulation with IV Contrast

Deep Inspiration Breath Hold - a procedure that requires you to hold your breath during your CT scan and daily treatments. For patients with left-sided breast cancer.

Mepitel Film Instructions - for patients undergoing radiation therapy to their breast/chestwall.

Patient preparation for Prostate SBRT Treatment - No Fiducials
Patient preparation for Prostate SBRT Treatment - With Fiducials

Information for managing side effects of radiation therapy

Managing Side Effects of Brain Radiation Therapy

Managing Side Effects of Breast Radiation Therapy

Managing Side Effects of Chest, Lung and Esophagus Radiation Therapy
Managing Side Effects of Colorectal and Anal Radiation Therapy

Managing Side Effects of Palliative Radiation Therapy

Managing Side Effects of Pelvic Radiation for Gynaecological Cancers

Managing Side Effects of Prostate Radiation Therapy
Managing Side Effects of Skin Radiation Therapy

Dexamethasone Information for patients undergoing radiation therapy

Saline Compresses for Radiation Skin Reactions
Sitz Bath Instructions for Radiation Patients


Information for patients who have finished radiation therapy

Finished Treatment Instructions for patients of all cancer types (except for ones listed below).

Finished Treatment Instructions for Chest, Lung and Esophagus Cancer Patients

Finished Treatment Instructions for Breast Cancer Patients

Finished Treatment Instructions for Gyn (Gynae) Cancer Patients




Gynae Post-Surgery Checklist and Instructions - for female patients who just had surgery for their gynae cancer (vaginal, vulvar, fallopian, cervical, uterine cancer)

Sitz Bath Instructions for Patients After Gynaecological Surgery

Vulvar skin care instructions for women after a vulvectomy



Get help managing your cancer symptoms

Get help managing your cancer symptoms (symptom hotline)

Keeping track of your symptoms

My Health Diary (symptom diary tracker) -helps you keep track of your symptoms, test results, appointments, etc. Please bring this each time you visit the Cancer Centre to show your health team.
My Health Diary - symptom diary only -download this if you only need the symptom diary.

My Health Diary - bloodwork tracker only - download this if you only need the bloodwork tracker.

Symptom Screening

Your Symptoms Matter - General Symptoms (ESAS)

Your Symptoms Matter - Prostate Cancer (EPIC)


Information on common cancer and treatment-related symptoms


Anxiety (worry)



Bowel Function (for prostate cancer patients)


Cancer Related Brain Fog (also called Chemo Brain)

Cancer Related Brain Fog





Depression (feeling sad, down or hopeless)






Exercise for People with Cancer



How to Care for an Extravasation.pdf



Manage Cancer Related Fatigue.pdf

YOU Are the Medicine for Fatigue -Dr. Mike Evans video makes understanding fatigue easy.



Fever Care for Cancer Patients

Hormonal symptoms (for prostate cancer patients)

Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite

Eating well when you have cancer (Canadian Cancer Society)

What to eat (eating tips) when you have cancer


Low Platelet Count

Low Platelet Count



Lymphedema Brochure.pdf

Lymphedema - What Every Cancer Patient Needs to Know (video)

Lymphedema Resources in the Community.pdf

Lymphedema Pre-Clinic Class Slides

Mouth Care

Mouth care and managing mouth problems

Cancer Treatment and Dental Health.pdf-information for patients to give to their dentist.         


Nausea & Vomiting

Nausea & Vomiting


Neutropenia - Low White Blood Cell Counts

Neutropenia - Low White Blood Cell Counts


Pain Management



Sexual Health

Sexual Health, Intimacy and Cancer Clinic (SHIC)

Erectile dysfunction

Vaginal dilators

Vaginal dryness and discomfort

Vaginal stenosis (shortening or narrowing)

Managing Sexual Problems for Prostate Cancer Patients 


Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath


Urinary Incontinence (for Prostate Cancer Patients)

Urinary Problems (for Prostate Cancer Patients)

Gynae - Skin Care

Genital skin care tips for women