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Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Program (SMRCP)


​​​Simcoe Muskoka Cancer Screening Hotline:

Simcoe Muskoka Cancer Screening Hotline for cancer screening 1-866-608-6910

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Provincial Cancer Screening Programs:

​​​​Ontario has three provincial cancer screening programs for breast cancer, cervical cancer, and colorectal cancer. Cancer screening is free for people who meet the eligibility criteria. The different screening programs help find cancer earlier, when it is easier to treat.

​​Ontario Breast Screening Program

Breast Cancer Screening Simcoe County, Barrie, Muskoka, appointment

Breast cancer screening Simcoe County, Barrie, Muskoka 

Breast cancer screening Simcoe County, Barrie, Muskoka 

High risk Breast cancer screening Simcoe County, Barrie, Muskoka

Ontario Cervical Screening Program

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Cervical 1.png

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Colon Cancer Check


More about the Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT)

Ontario has transitioned from the fecal occult blood test (FOBT) to FIT for colon cancer screening. FIT is a simple and painless at-home test that checks stool (poop) for tiny amounts of blood, which could be caused by colon cancer and/or pre-cancerous polyps (growths in the colon or rectum that can turn into cancer over time).
Primary Care Providers will request LifeLabs to mail eligible people a FIT kit. Screening participants should mail their completed FIT to LifeLabs or drop it off at a LifeLabs Patient Service Centre as soon as possible.

FIT information for health care providers:

Click here to access the Cancer Care Ontario FIT Resource Hub that provides updates, highlight changes, and share tools with primary care providers.

Click here for the FIT Positive Colonoscopy Central Intake referral form (For Barrie and surrounding area only). ​Providers outside the Barrie area should continue to use existing referral pathways should their patient need a FIT+ colonoscopy.

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Reduce Your Risk - a collection of inspiring stories from cancer survivors and how screening and prevention saved their lives. 
​ ​Cancer Screening Program - Time to Screen Tool


My Cancer IQ. Find out about your risk of cancer and get a personalized action plan to prevent and screen for cancer.

It’s My Life. About half of all cancers can be prevented! Find out what you can do to prevent cancer with this interactive tool from the Canadian Cancer Society.​