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Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Program (SMRCP)



Interactive and Personalized Resources


My CancerIQ

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An interactive tool from Cancer Care Ontario. My Cancer IQ will tell you your risk for kidney cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, melanoma, and breast cancer. It will also give you a personalized prevention action plan.

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    Tobacco Cessation

    If you are a patient of the Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Program you have access to free tobacco cessation support. To book an appointment with a Tobacco Support Coach call the Patient and Family Support Desk 705-728-9090 ext. 43520

    Cancer Care Ontario

    Online Tobacco Cessation Resources and Support



    A website with resources and support for:

    People with cancer

    People who identify as Indigenous

    Healthcare providers


    Simcoe Muskoka Cancer Screening Hotline


    The Simcoe Muskoka Cancer Screening Hotline is a free service that can help you get up-to-date with your colorectal, cervical and breast cancer screening. Anyone can call! 1-866-608-6910. For more inforamtion about cancer screening, please visit our cancer screening page.


    ​​​It's My Life

    Prevention Tool.png

    An interactive tool from the Canadian Cancer Society that will teach you about cancer prevention and help you make healthy choices in your own life.


    Workplace Wellness


    Workplace Wellness Picture.png

    ​​ We offer a variety of services to help educate your employees about cancer prevention and screening. We can tailor our programs and resources to match with the needs of your organization. Contact us via email


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