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Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Program (SMRCP)

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No visitors are allowed, some exceptions may applyPatients must use the Main entrance ONLY where they will be screened upon entry.

Urgent procedures such as vital cancer appointments, will proceed as scheduled. The COVID-19 pandemic is an evolving situation.  In this uncertain time, the SMRCP must take exceptional measures to keep our patients, each other and our community safe.

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​General Information

  • Navigating SMRCP
  • Phone Listing
  • Indigenous Patient Resources

  • Your Healthcare Team
  • Virtual visit with your doctor - telemedicine
  • Phone: 705-728-9090 Ext. 43333

    Phones and messages are answered
    8:00 am - 4:00 pm

    Location: 201 Georgian Drive, L4M 6M2
    Level 2 Main Entrance

    Hours of Operation: 
    Doors are open 7:15 am - 6:00 pm

    Most clinics run between Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm. Please refer to your appointment sheet for your specific appointment time.

    Patient Information

  • Your First Visit

  • Prevention​

  • Screening

  • Diagnosis

  • Treatment

  • After Treatment and Survivorship

  • Palliative and End of Life Care

  • Patient and Family Support

  • Professional Information

  • Referral Forms:
  • New Patient Referrals​

  • Diagnostic Assessment Referrals

  • Gynaecologic Oncology Referral

  • Colposcopy Referral

  • ​Sexual Health, Intimacy and Cancer Services Referral


  • Other Resources:
  • Cancer Screening Programs

  • FIT Positive Colonoscopy Central Intake referral form (For Barrie and surrounding area only)

  • Professional Resources

  • PICC Line Dressing Change Video

  • ​Rotary House Lodge

  • Accommodations

  • ​Patient and Family Advisory Council

  • Regional Cancer Program's Patient and Family Advisory Council

  • News, Publications & Events

    BUTT Ballad Contest

  • SMRCP Regional Cancer Plan (2016-2019) 

  • Events

  • Patient and Family Advisory Council Newsletters