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Performance Scorecard

RVH tracks, monitors and reports to its Board of Directors a comprehensive range of performance indicators to ensure continuous assessment of its quality and safety measures. The Performance Scorecard is carefully reviewed by the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis.

At a glance, the Performance Scorecard, reveals past performance, trends, targets and easily identifies actionable items. 

RVH is committed to accountability and transparency and in that spirit of openness, posts the most recent scorecard on its website.



2018-19 Q2 Performance Scorecard

Stroke Performance Scorecard

At RVH, safe high-quality care is our top priority and with safety as our promise, we put our patients and their families first, always. To ensure we are delivering the safest, best stroke care, we monitor our performance monthly and develop action plans to improve the care that we provide to our patients. In keeping with our commitment to patient safety and transparency RVH is posting the Stroke Peformance Scorecard.

Stroke Distinction Performance Scorecard RVH Final_NEW 2018-19.pdf