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Quality Improvement Plan

In June 2010, the Ontario Government passed the Excellent Care of All Act. This legislation fosters a culture of continuous quality improvement where the needs of patients come first. More information on Excellent Care of All Act can be found on the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care website. 

As a requirement of the Act, health care organizations, such as Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre, must develop an annual Quality Improvement Plan using a provincially standardized template. Once approved by our Board of Directors and our President & Chief Executive Officer, the Quality Improvement Plan is submitted to the Ontario Health Quality Council to assist in province-wide reporting. The Quality Improvement Plan is also to be posted on our website in order to highlight for our community RVH's commitment to:
•  delivering high quality health care;
•  creating a positive patient experience;
•  ensuring that it is responsive and accountable to the public;
•  holding its executive team accountable for its achievement; and
•  being transparent.

How to Read the Quality Improvement Plan:

The Quality Improvement Plan and the work plan in particular, include many terms that our community may not be familiar with. While it is impossible to define every term in the document, we have provided a brief Quality Improvement Plan Glossary which we hope will assist you as you review our plan.

RVH's Quality Improvement Plan is made up of three parts: 

Narrative: A summary document that provides a brief overview of our Quality Improvement Plan, highlighting our top priorities for the year. 

The Work Plan: A detailed spreadsheet that includes:

•  A core set of quality indicators that the Ministry has required all Ontario hospitals to report on.
•  Our recent performance for the period specified for each selected measure and our targets for improvement.
•  Strategies for achieving our improvement goals are included for all priority indicators


Progress Report: A Review of the Previous Year's Quality
Improvement Plan

As per Excellent Care of All Act, our executive compensation is tied to quality performance outcomes.

The RVH plan includes targets for improving the safety, effectiveness, access and patient-centeredness of the care we provide. RVH has determined its priority indicators are:

•  Reduce Emergency Department wait times
•  Improve organizational financial health (total margin)
•  Reduce Alternative Level of Care days
•  Reduce unnecessary hospital readmissions
•  Improve patient satisfaction
•  Reduce C. difficile infection
•  Increase medication reconciliation



RVH 2019-20 QIP Narrative.pdf