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Patients are at the centre of everything we do at RVH and our MY CARE philosophy puts patients and their families first. Always. Everyday. Without exception. 

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    Free in-home support for COPD and heart failure

    There is support available to help you live better with chronic lung disease and/or congestive heart failure. OTN Telehomecare is a six-month program that provides, at no cost to you, simple equipment to check your vital signs daily. A nurse will monitor your results and contact you should there be signs of condition worsening. The nurse will also connect with you weekly by phone to help you achieve your health goals. This government-funded program has helped more than 14,000 people; it’s also been shown to keep people healthier at home and cut down on trips to the hospital. You can refer yourself or a loved one to the program. Just go to, and enter your postal code to find the site in your area that provides Telehomecare. You can also call 1-855-991-8191.

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