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Mental Health & Addiction Services

Medication Clinic 

The Medication Clinic is an integral component of the Outpatient Services and acknowledges the importance of medication monitoring, supervision and client education.


​Note: All appointments require referral from a psychiatrist.

​Contact Us

Manager: Lauren Frith, Inpatient Mental Health, Emergency Department Mental Health Suite


Mental Health Outpatient Program, Level 3. From the Main Entrance, follow the Blue Navigation Line to the Central (Green) Elevators. Take the elevators to level 3. From the elevator turn left and then left.

Hours of Operation

 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday


The Clinic Provides:

  • •  Support to individuals with schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders
  • •  Medication administration, monitoring and adjustment for clients
  • •  Instruction and education regarding indications and contraindications of psycotrophic medications
  • •  Mental Health education, teaching and health promotion with an emphasis on wellness and recovery
  • •  Instruction regarding the recognition of symptoms associated with mental health disorders
  • •  Ready access to consultation and support by RVH pharmacy and psychiatric staff
  • •  Collaboration with community partners to ensure continuity of care to clients


This service is available to clients currently registered with the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre Mental Health and Addiction Program. Once stabilized, clients will be referred back to their primary care physician for ongoing support and medication administration.