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Planning for your return home begins when patients are first admitted to the health centre. Throughout your stay at RVH, your care team will speak with you about a plan for discharge and the support you may need once you return home. Members of your care team may arrange a meeting with you and your loved ones to discuss your needs once you return home.


There are in-home supports available for individuals who:

Need care and support in order to leave RVH and continue their recovery at home or are waiting to transfer to a long term care facility.


Working Together to Support You

•  Extensive planning occurs between RVH and providers of community services and in-home supports

•  Home and community care case managers, work together with your RVH care team, and are specialists in planning for in-home supports such as nursing and personal care assistance

•  We will support you in decision-making about long-term care, so that you are confident and fully informed in your choices

•  RVH works with other community partners to ensure other needs will be met once you are home, such as cooking/meals, housekeeping and transportation, while you await a vacancy in a long-term care facility

•  If you were already receiving services and supports before this recent hospital visit, your care team will work with you, your loved ones and caregivers to ensure your services and supports continue and are adjusted to meet your current needs

For more information on home and community care please visit or contact the office at 1-888-721-2222 Ext. 6100.


Home First Philosophy

RVH embraces the Home First philosophy which means making every effort to support patients in their safe return home to continue their recovery. When you no longer need RVH's specialized, acute services, your ongoing needs and recovery are best met at home where you are more comfortable and will recover more quickly. Your care team will work with you and your family to identify the supports you need and will make sure all necessary services are in place for you as soon as you are ready to go home. This could include nursing, a personal support worker, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, a social worker, a dietitian, a speech pathologist, respiratory therapy, medical supplies, and equipment and care coordination.



Home First brochure.pdf