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Medicine Program

Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP)




Hospital Elder Life Program Brochure

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Elder Life Specialist:
Ext. 47233             

When older adults become hospitalized their daily routines are affected. They are less physically active and risk a decline in their mental function. This can contribute to loss of strength, confusion and disorientation. The confusion and disorientation is medically termed delirium.


Services are provided by a unique team of staff and volunteers. Patients are screened by the Elder Life Specialist and supported by their physician or specialist. Trained volunteers provide daily support to the patient, and provide specific interventions up to 2 times a day 7 days a week.


Interventions include:

  •   Daily orientation and cognitive stimulation

  •   Friendly visiting and therapeutic activities

  •   Mobilization - supervised walking and range of motion exercises

  •   Meal support - to prevent dehydration and encourage eating

  •   Promote use of vision and hearing aids


  • Patients

    The Hospital Elder Life Program is a program designed to prevent patients 70 and over from experiencing a decline in both their physical and mental/cognitive abilities during their admission to health centre.

    HELP is currently offered on 3 inpatient units: Surgery, Specialized Seniors Care and Respiratory.



    No referral is needed. If you have a family member on one of the Hospital Elder Life Program units please feel free to ask the staff to refer the patient, or contact the Elder Life Specialist directly.