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​Research Ethics Board


​1. Does My Research Require Ethics Review


2. What Kind of Review Does My Research Require


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6. Forms


7. Meeting Schedule


8. Research Ethics Board Membership.doc

9.  Research Studies versus Innovative Procedures.docx

10. RVH REB SOP's.pdf 



The RVH Research Ethics Board, is an 15 member board that meets monthly and is composed of a variety of healthcare and community professionals, in accordance with its Terms of Reference. The Research Ethics Board is charged with safeguarding the interests, rights and well-being of patients who participate in Research Studies/Clinical Trials.This is achieved by: 

•  By reviewing for integrity, all proposed new Clinical Trials/Studies
•  Review of all reported serious and unexpected adverse events; and
•  Review of all revised/amended documentation throughout the  duration of the clinical trial.                   

The Research Ethics Board adheres to the principles set out in:
•  TPD/ICH Good Clinical Practice Guidelines
•  The Tri-Council Policy Statement
•  Personal Health Information Protection Act 2004
•  Food & Drug Regulations Schedule 1024
•  The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
•  The Code of Federal Regulations

Confidentiality Template.doc


  • Research Ethics Certification

CITI-Canada Good Clinical Practice; Responsible Conduct of Research; or Biomedical Research Ethics Education module(s)​

Research Ethics Board Certification Requirement for Researchers.pdf​

TCPS2 (2014) CORE Tutorial​​​