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​Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Program


Rehab Locations
What is Cardiovascular Rehab

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Preparing for your Program:

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Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

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Contact Us:

Phone: 705-797-3157 

Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.                           
Fax: 705-797-3127

Manager: Kim McAllister
Phone: 705-728-9090 Ext. 47650

Sending in your referral


If you have recently been admitted to RVH for a heart problem you may have already been referred to our Cardiovascular Rehabilitation program automatically. You should receive a call within two weeks of discharge to discuss Cardiovascular Rehabilitation.

To participate in Cardiovascular Rehab:

1. Download the regional referral form - North Simcoe Muskoka Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Program Referral.pdf
2. Have your health care provider complete the referral form
3. Have your health care provider fax the referral form and required information to 705-797-3127

If you are unable to attend your appointment or have not been contacted after two weeks of referral, please contact the program clerk at 705-797-3157 and leave a message.


Rehab Locations     

The North Simcoe Regional Cardiovascular Rehabilitation program is a partnership between hospitals, Family Health Teams and YMCAs within the North Simcoe area. Participants can attend any cardiovascular rehabilitation program at any partnered site. RVH serves as the central hub through coordinating bookings and ensuring the standardization of the service across the different sites.

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre

201 Georgian Drive, Barrie, ON L4M 6M2
Located in Outpatient Rehabilitation level 1 
View on map

Georgian Bay Family Health Team

Collingwood YMCA
200 Hume Street, Collingwood, ON L9Y 4E8
View on map
Click here for more information

Georgian Bay Family Health Team

Wasaga Beach YMCA
1724 Mosley Street, Wasaga Beach, ON L9Z 1Z7
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Click here for more information

North Simcoe Family Health Team

Midland YMCA
560 Little Lake Park Road, Midland, ON L4R 4L3


Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Orientation



Cardiovascular Rehabilitation - Nutrition

What is Cardiovascular Rehabilitation?


The North Simcoe Regional Cardiovascular Rehabilitation program is a supervised exercise program designed to improve the cardiovascular health of people who have experienced any of the following events:

· Angina
· Heart attack or acute coronary syndrome
· Angioplasty (balloon or stent)
· Bypass surgery
· Pacemaker or ICD
· Heart failure

· Heart transplantation
· Cardiomyopathy
· Peripheral vascular disease
· Non-debilitating stroke or TIA
· Valve surgery

You may also be eligible if you have multiple risk factors for cardiovascular disease such as:

· Diabetes
· Smoking
· Obesity
· High blood pressure
· High cholesterol
· Inactive lifestyle

Our program is a six-month program that includes individualized exercise plans for each patient, along with educational classes in consultation with dietitians, pharmacists, occupational therapists, social workers, cardiologists and cardiac diagnostics technicians, as well as volunteers and administrative support. This program assists participants in acquiring the skills needed to achieve and maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle in order to get back to everyday life following a cardiovascular event. 


What are the benefits of participating?

· Improve your heart and muscles 
· Lower your blood pressure
· Lose body fat
· Raise your HDL ("good") cholesterol
· Lower your LDL ("bad") cholesterol
· Lower your triglycerides
· Improve the control of your blood sugar
· Improve the health of your arteries, reducing atherosclerosis risk

Online Resources

Cardiac College:
Heart and Stroke:
Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada:

· Reduce the risk of heart rhythm disturbance
· Raise your angina threshold
· Increase the strength, endurance and flexibility of your muscles
· Improve mood and reduce feelings of depression, anxiety and stress
· Improve brain function and protect memory and thinking skills
· Improve sleep quality
· Feel more energetic

A message from your care team:

We want you to join us!  On your first visit, you can expect to learn more about risk factors for cardiovascular disease and your role in preventing future cardiovascular events.  Following your first visit, you will have an opportunity to join the six-month program and enroll in our education sessions. 
We are here to support you!




Our Core Education Sessions


You will have the opportunity to join other participants in three 60-minute group-based education sessions.  These sessions are in addition to your weekly exercise class and are led by our dietitian, occupational therapist, pharmacist, and social worker to help you better understand ways that you can improve your health.  All participants are welcome to attend, as well as any family member or friend who is part of your recovery.   
This provides a great opportunity to have your questions answered by the experts in these areas!


Education Session: Nutrition

Join us to learn about how to eat well, fuel your body and fight cardiovascular disease.  Our dietitian will discuss choices you can make to improve your eating habits.

​A message from a participant:

"I felt comfortable asking questions in our small group." 
"The dietitian is very knowledgeable."


Education Session: Balancing Your Life to Better Heart Health

Heart health is not just about making lifestyle improvements.  Join us and learn more about how to improve your mood, how to deal with feelings of anxiety and depression, and other psychosocial factors related to your heart health, as you and your loved ones adjust to a new normal following your cardiovascular event. And if stress is one of your risk factors, we can help identify some of your life stressors and help provide the tools necessary to cope.  You will also have a chance to try a few mindfulness techniques.

​A message from a participant:

"We were presented with lots of great information and had good conversations."                 
"I learned how to manage my stress and anxiety better."


Education Session: Medications

Having a cardiovascular event can lead to prescriptions for new medications.  You will learn about common cardiovascular medications, why they're important, the common side effects, and how to manage your new routine. Please bring your up-to-date list of medications with you.

 A message from a participant:

"I gained new found knowledge about my medications."
"This was a great information session."



Preparing for your Cardiovascular Rehab Program at RVH


Appointment #1: Cardiovascular Rehab Orientation

· Inside Pure Health Pharmacy 
· Hours: Fridays 1:30- 2:30 p.m.     


Drop-off, Parking and Registration Information

· Enter RVH through the Atrium entrance (Level 2) – proceed to Central Registration (across from the Gift Shop)
· Register at Central Registration - this will take approximately 2-3 minutes
· Central Registration will direct you to Pure Health Pharmacy where the orientation classroom is located


What's Covered in the Orientation Session?

You will meet members of the Cardiovascular Rehabilitation team as well as other people that are interested in improving their health.  The team will provide a 45-60 minute education session which covers topics such as:

  • · Cardiovascular risk factors
  • · Importance of exercise
  • · Rehabilitation program structure
    · An opportunity to enroll in the education sessions as well as your next program appointment (one-on-one intake session)


Make sure to bring:

•  Your Ontario Health Card (OHIP)
•  A list of your medications, or medications in their original containers
•  A support person to listen to the information provided, such as a spouse, partner, family member, friend or caregiver 

You will not be exercising at this appointment 


Appointment #2: One-on-One Intake Assessment

· You will meet with an exercise therapist to review your health history, medications, risk factors and goals
· Appointments are approximately 45 minutes in length and will not require exercise
· Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time

Important Update: Our program is transitioning to the Barrie YMCA and Innisfil YMCA.  Please contact our clerk to confirm your location of Appointment #2.


Drop-off, Parking and Registration Instructions:

At Barrie YMCA:

· Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
· Location: 22 Grove Street West
· Enter through the main entrance and check-in at the registration desk
· For safety purposes, you will need to present photo ID upon your arrival
· Once you are checked in, have a seat nearby and your exercise therapist will be with you shortly
· You will receive questionnaires to help direct your care while in the program


· Tuesdays and Thursdays
· Park in the Volunteer and Patient Parking Lot located at the Simcoe entrance 
· Enter through the Simcoe entrance
· To register, go to Recurring Check-In (inside the Simcoe entrance on the right)
· Follow the Blue Navigation Line to the Rehabilitation Department and check-in at Window 2 
· Once in the department, you will receive questionnaires to help direct your care while in the program


​Make sure to bring:

  • •   Your Ontario Health Card (OHIP)

  • •   A list of your medication, or medications in their original containers

  • •   If you wish, a support person such as a spouse, family member, friend or caregiver to help discuss your health history and goals

    You will not be exercising at this appointment.



Appointment #3: Stress Test

A stress test, sometimes called a treadmill test or exercise test, helps a doctor find out how well your heart works during exercise. You are connected to a monitor while you walk on a treadmill. Your heart rate, rhythm and blood pressure are monitored by the cardio technologist. Every three minutes the speed and incline increases until your maximum effort is reached. The appointment takes approximately 30 minutes and includes test preparation (electrode placement and resting measurements).  Actual time walking on the treadmill can vary based on your fitness level. 

We recommend that all participants complete a treadmill-based stress test*.  This can be organized at RVH's Cardio-Respiratory Treatment Clinic, or if you have recently completed one at your specialist's office, we can obtain this report.

*Some participants may be unable to complete a treadmill stress test and will complete a walking-based test instead.


Drop-off, Parking and Registration Information

· Park in the Volunteer and Patient Parking Lot located at the Simcoe entrance 
· Enter through the Simcoe entrance
· From the Simcoe entrance, proceed to the Atrium (Orange) elevators 
· Take the elevator to Level 2 and follow signs to Central Registration (across from the Gift Shop)
· Registration takes 2-3 minutes and you will receive an identification bracelet.

Proceed to the Atrium (Orange) elevators and travel down to Level 1.  Turn right after exiting the elevator and the Cardio-Respiratory Treatment Clinic will be straight ahead. Be sure to check-in with the clerk inside.


•   Take all of your medications as usual

•   No caffeine (coffee, tea, energy drinks or other forms such as chocolate) 4 hours prior to your stress test

•   Have a very light meal before your test (light breakfast or lunch)

•   Your Ontario Health Card (OHIP)

•   To wear or bring comfortably fitted clothing (you may work up a sweat)

•   A good pair of exercise or walking shoes (no steel toe boots)

•   Before you arrive, please leave any valuables - like jewelry - at home




Weekly Classes


Upon completion of your intake assessment and your treadmill or walking test you will be contacted to schedule your exercise sessions.

Clinic Based Exercise Program:

Our weekly exercise classes are offered in the morning, afternoon or evening to fit your schedule. Classes are 90 minutes in length, and include:

  • · Warm-up exercises
  • · Strength training using hand weights, resistance bands or gym equipment
  • · Aerobic exercise, including walking or biking
  • · Cool-down exercises

    At each exercise class, we will supervise your exercise prescription, review your cardiovascular risk factors and monitor your progress. Our cardiovascular rehab team provides you with weekly support, encouragement and motivation for heart-healthy living.


Supervised Exercise Classes:

You will attend a supervised session once per week and you are encouraged to exercise independently throughout the week.

Tuesday at RVH 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 2:00-3:30 p.m.  
Wednesday at Barrie YMCA 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.   4:00-5:30 p.m.
Thursday at RVH 10:30 a.m. -12:00 p.m. 2:00-3:30 p.m.  
Friday at Barrie YMCA 8:30 -10:00 a.m.,
10:30 a.m. -12:00 p.m.


Home-Based Program



Our home-based program is designed for participants who are unable to attend the exercise sessions due to work commitments, distance to the program, or those who already have a regular exercise routine and are confident to continue independently.  It is expected that the participants are motivated to complete regular exercise independently and are willing to participate in regular telephone calls with an exercise therapist. 

Home-based participants are required to attend an individual intake appointment, stress test and a one-time individual exercise session to ensure their safety to continue exercising independently at home. 

There are multiple programs across the region with different exercise times and home-based options. 

Please ask staff about other program options.

Registration and Fees


There is a fee to participate in the RVH Cardiovascular Rehabilitation program.  For further information about fees, payment options and extended healthcare coverage, please speak with staff in-person, or call 705-797-3157.  We will ensure that every person has the ability to participate in the program, regardless of financial situation.  Please attend our FREE orientation session to learn more about the program.   


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