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Medical Assistance in Dying (MedAID)


As of June 2016 patients have the right to legally request a medically assisted form of death. In keeping with RVH's MY CARE philosophy, the health centre's policy toward MedAID is about putting our patients at the centre of all treatment decisions. Patients have a choice about MedAID, as do healthcare providers. RVH, as a patient-c​entred organization, is prepared to provide this choice to patients.


If you are a patient at RVH:

A patient can notify a member of their care team if they would like MedAID. The member of the care team would then contact the Most Responsible Person (physician) who would initiate the MedAID request process. The MRP may call the MedAID group directly or the Office of the Patient Representative.


If you are in the community and would like MedAID at RVH:

RVH has a policy and procedure in place for MedAID requests coming from the community (i.e. not currently a patient at RVH). In this case, an individual can contact their primary care physician/nurse practitioner who can put them in touch with RVH via the Patient Representative's Office to initiate the MedAID request process. Individuals may also come into RVH's Emergency department seeking MedAID.   


If you are in the community and would like MedAID in the community:

Individuals who wish to access MedAID should talk with their healthcare provider. (i.e. family physician). In Ontario the government has set up a referral service to help physicians in making an effective referral for consultation and assessment for MedAID requests. The service will also help connect physicians who are unwilling or unable to provide MedAID with physicians who are willing to complete a patient consultation and assessment