Following an unprecedented year, it is important to reflect on the many accomplishments at RVH. Although members of TEAM RVH have faced many challenges during the pandemic, their dedication to caring for the people of this region never wavered. Vitalsigns, our annual digital report to the community, provides the perfect opportunity to pause and reflect on RVH’s pandemic response as well as our commitment to expanding specialized services. Please take a few minutes to view Vitalsigns and celebrate the excellent work we have done this past year.

A Message from Janice Skot, RVH President & CEO

A message from Charlotte Wallis, Chair, RVH Board of Directors

A message from Dr. Jeffrey Tyberg, RVH Chief of Staff

A message from Doug Moody, Chair, RVH Foundation Board of Directors

A message from Lise McCourt, RVH Auxiliary President

By The Numbers

RVH's Annual Report to the Community By The Numbers
RVH By The Numbers 2020 -’21
Annual Budget$386 million
Patient Visits472,809
Emergency Visits72,410
Cancer Centre Visits91,745
Lab Tests2,485,400
Imaging Tests180,662
Credentialed Staff471


When the pandemic was declared in March 2020, we never imagined its severity, its length, or its impacts.  And yet, as we reflect on this past year, we are struck by the incredible courage, compassion and commitment of TEAM RVH.  This has been a gruelling, scary year during which we have all faced many challenges.  Yet, TEAM RVH’s courage never wavered nor did its commitment to serving the people of this region. Safety is always RVH’s priority and during the pandemic we introduced countless new processes, protocols and practices to ensure the safety of our team, our patients and our community.

COVID-19 By The Numbers
March 2020 – May 2021
COVID-19 patients520
Patients accepted from the GTA 220
Deaths 78
COVID-19 Tests 114,314
Vaccinations 87,400
Safety glasses used13,500
Face shields used180,000
Gloves used7.3 million
Litres of Hand Sanitizer3,000
Masks used1.6 million

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