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RVH Board Of Directors

Meeting Schedule and Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Recuitment

 Kirsten Parker.jpg
  Kirsten Parker

Michael OKeefe.jpg
 Michael O'Keefe
 First Vice-Chair 

 ​Charlotte Wallis.jpg
  Charlotte Wallis
  Second Vice-Chair

Jake Arnold.jpg

 Janice Skot

Jake Arnold.jpg
 Jake Arnold  

Shawn Binns.jpg
 Shawn Binns

Doug Frost.jpg
 Doug Frost

Michael Gleason.jpg
 Michael Gleason

 Rob Hall.jpg
  Rob Hall

Harry Hughes.jpg
  Harry Hughes

    • Silhouette.jpg
    •  Douglas Jure

 Barb Love.jpg
  Barbara Love


Janice Williams.jpg
 Janice Williams
 President, RVH Auxiliary


  •  Dr. Kerstin Mossman, 
     President Medical Staff  Association


Treva McCumber.jpg
 Treva McCumber
 Chief Nursing Executive​ 


  •  Dr. Rob El-Maraghi, 
     Vice President Medical Staff  Association


​  TybergJ.jpg

  •    Dr. Jeffrey Tyberg
       Chief of Staff