Send a Patient Best Wishes

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre Volunteer Services is pleased to offer message delivery service to inpatients. This is an ideal way to send your get well thoughts or wishes to a patient at RVH. It is ideal if you are unable to make a personal visit to a loved one or good friend. Your supportive and cheerful message can brighten their day. (If you need something to raise your spirits, click here to go to the bottom of this page)

To send a patient a greeting at Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre complete the necessary information in the email message link and click SEND. Your message will be sent to the RVH Volunteer Services Coordinator who will print and facilitate the hand delivery of your message from one of our superb blue-smocked volunteers. Emails received on the weekend or holidays will be delivered the next business day.

Greetings will only be delivered to inpatients currently registered in RVH's MediTech system, and will be reviewed for appropriate content to ensure the supportive environment we strive to provide is maintained for the patient's best interests. Messages to patients who have been discharged, transferred or registered under a different name will not be delivered and deleted from the RVH Volunteer Services Coordinator message system. Replies will not be sent on message status, nor correspondence from patients.

For personal and sensitive subject matter, please use sealed letter or phone. Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre is not responsible for Best Wishes that are misdirected, lost or accidentally deleted from the message system.

Best Wishes is intended for family and friends to send a positive message to a patient during their stay at RVH and to encourage supportive interaction between our excellent group of volunteers and patients. 

Best Wishes is a personal touch for your loved one. This service is courtesy of RVH Volunteer Services and our excellent volunteers.

I would like to send a message to a patient now

Since this service launched in September of 2005 we have heard how much you appreciate this service from all over the world.  We are always looking how we can improve this service to better serve the patients in our care and we thank you for taking the time for asking us to help your family and friends who are here at RVH.

I would like to thank the RVH Volunteer Services for having this service.

Connecting Thoughts, Family and Friends - A System of Caring

The Best Wishes program has been very helpful in bridging the distances that prevent family and friends from being together. You are doing amazing things through the smallest of actions and to help keep strength, maintain faith, and encourage miracles, please feel free to download this image below to print and post in an area that allows you to take a moment and send your thoughts and help brighten your day and that of your friend or family member who is here.

the painting (Marie)

This piece is free to download, print and share.